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In June 2021 we launched our new Coalescer Assemblies (WCA-5) as a direct replacement for Gardner Denver PAS-5.  We are offering discounts on purchases of 3 or more.  NOW IN STOCK!!

We are in the process of obtaining Lloyds Certification to enable us to continue with our manufacture of the complete range - replacements for PAS-9 and PAS-18

Wraith (trading as Infinity Compressor Pumps Ltd) have now tested replacement oil pumps for the Belliss & Morcom range of compressors. 

A special coupling arrangement vastly reduces the transmission of vibrations from the crankshaft, thereby greatly extending the operational life of the pumps - which are predicted to last at least 5 years.

Replacements are available for OEM oil pump numbers PSB017-011, PSB017-007 and PSB017-003.   Please email us for a quotation.

Oil Pump 1.png
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