Wraith Engineering have teamed up with a European compressor  valve manufacturer to bring high quality valves, built with world class precision, to the market place.


In today's demanding world, compressors need to operate for prolonged periods.  Depending on the operating conditions and the periods of use, regular servicing or exchange of compressor valves is unavoidable.


We are able to supply suction, discharge and concentric valves for any compressor brand operating in the air and process gas industry,  whether with lubrication  oil free.

We offer Non Return Valves with or without housing for continuous and pulsating gas streams.

PET Valves
PET Valves

Valve Plates


Valve plates can be manufactured from stainless steel, peek or nylon to suit the application.


All steel valve plates are manufactured by laser cutting, ensuring the lifetime is increased in comparison to steel plates manufactured by punching.  This use of technology considerably reduces the risk of cracks and stress


Wraith Engineering are proud to offer these superior quality valves to its customers.